Solar in the Country


Comparing the advantages and disadvantages of harnessing Solar energy and converting it to solar power or electricity is sheer foolhardy. The only disadvantage that could possibly weigh against the exercise to convert Solar energy into solar power would be that the so called pundits could say that the Sun dips on the horizon at dusk and is unavailable from that time onwards till dawn to provide the energy for conversion to electricity.

Other than this Solar energy from the Sun is available right throughout the day which compensates this rather lame point of contention. On very cloudy days with the Sun well hidden there could be a drop in efficiency, but with the technology that has been developed up until now, the best solar panel would convert only about 20% of the Sun’s energy to electricity.

It is envisaged that with the billions being spent worldwide on Research and Development (R&D), the answer to this pertinent problem will see the light of day soon. Since the beginning of the idea that the Sun’s energy could be converted to electricity dawned around the 1880’s, the Photovoltaic cell or the solar panel has advanced technologically in leaps and bounds.

A solar panel and its related paraphernalia work silently as there are no mechanically moving parts hence there is no wear and tear. It needs the minimum of maintenance, other than to ensure that the solar panels is kept clean, free of dust and other obstructions. Neighbours would not be disturbed unlike the use of diesel or petrol generators.

Solar power is renewable, which means that till the Sun cools down as predicted by scientists in many billions of years we will continue to have its blessings and the ability to produce our electricity.

There are no waste materials discharged to the environment, and is considered the most environmentally friendly source of energy, for mankind stepping into the future.  

Bringing sense and sensibility to our environment

Protecting our environment is the responsibility of everyone. We need to leave behind a clean environment for our future generations that follow.

We cannot have a callous and irresponsible attitude towards the very environs that we live in. Using fossil fuels and nuclear materials to generate our energy requirements has not been the right path that we have walked all these years.

We have fought two world wars, where we have mutually destroyed the resources of those concerned in the two conflicts.

We have used up unquantifiable resources to maintain a very flamboyant lifestyle without any thought for those who would follow us in this world.

Our use of energy has been wasteful and we have plundered fossil fuels unabated for many decades. We have not taken stock of what the Sun could provide us by way of solar energy which is in abundance if we would have needed it.

After the first solar cell or photo voltaic cell was developed in the 1800’s we have progressed very slowly, in mastering the technology to manufacture affordable solar power systems.

Solar panels Sydney, solar panels Melbourne and solar panels Brisbane are some of the leading entities in their respective states who have stepped forward to take the initiative in enlightening their customers of the need to go clean and green.

Solar panels have to be developed to meet the rising demand by making it affordable and easily accessible to all.

Solar power is available at no cost at all and access to it is a human right and cannot be denied to anyone. Harnessing it is everyone’s right and it has to be so even into the future.

Solar panels Perth has followed the path of it’s other compatriots and taken the distribution of the best solar panels seriously and have been doing a very good job of it.

In the state of South Australia where the use of solar power systems is very popular and is the leader among other states, solar panels Adelaide has been instrumental in this upsurge.

Solar panel technology needs a boost to find the right materials to develop a hybrid product which has been a thorn on many scientists side.

It is fervently hoped that we could make the breakthrough and come up with the best solar panels in the near future.  


Jumping up and down with solar power

The newest craze among the young and the old is jumping castle hire, an enjoyable and recreational master piece developed in the recent past and which is taking kids and adults like “ducks to water”.

Jumping castle hire Melbourne is a large inflatable castle like structure which is filled with a continuous flow of air generated by a blower. The blower would need a regular supply of electrical power to blow in air to keep the castle upright.

The bounciness of the inflatable castle would enable kids to jump up and down and enjoy themselves galore. The bouncy castle hire Melbourne is made of a strong PVC tarpaulin material with the edges double stitched and reinforced to withstand the weights of a few kids on it.

Using solar power converted by small portable solar panels to run the jumping castle hire blower would be a great way to educate kids enjoying themselves on the importance of using the Sun’s solar energy for their recreational activities.

They are sure to remember it for a long time and the grain sown into their minds about the Sun’s importance would surely be embedded in their memory.

This would be an example as to how we could show our kids to make every available opportunity to avail the goodness of the Sun, in their future endeavours.

Most countries around the world have the blessings of the Sun except those barren lands of the North and South poles.

Hence taking advantage of this readily available source of energy would hold us in good stead, walking through the 21st century and entering the next few centuries with clean and green energy.